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A Cry for justice: A call for Peace(Activity Report 2010-2013)

A Cry for justice: A call for Peace

Activity Report 2010-2013

International Council for Human Development-European Union


The report in your hands reflects our humble efforts, during three years (2010-2013), to promote the cause of the Kashmiri people. As Europe based organisation of mainly Kashmiri diaspora, our efforts mainly constitute upon raising awareness about the situation in Indian Held Kashmir and advocating the European policy makers, institutions, media and general masses to persuade the Indian state to abide by the commitments and obligations described in international laws and legal instruments. 

As one of the large team of the volunteers, I am proud to present this report as a testimony of the fact that so many of us are still not ready to submit their conscience at the hands of the might. In fact, this was the light of the common dream and the flame of the hope that enabled us to keep on struggling for the sake of the millions of the hapless Kashmiris who are being murdered, raped, tortured and displaced by the brutal might of Indian forces. 

This report shall show you, first of all, the glaring fact that ICHD is primarily a peace building effort. We are peaceful citizen of Europe and we are advocating the peace in South Asia, which is possible only through the solution of Kashmir issue. We are at pains to see that the two great nations of India and Pakistan are endlessly wasting their resources in the arms race while ignoring the pressing issues such as poverty, health and education, amongst others. We believe that peace as a result of the resolution of Kashmir issue shall bring prosperity to not only Kashmir but also to India, Pakistan and entire South Asia. This is the light that is showing us the way to go forward in this longstanding demand for the right to self determination. 

This report tells that we always refer to the UDHR and other international human rights documents; declarations, treaties, covenants etc. We have no better tool to forward our demands and we don’t need any other tool that does not correspond to the collective conscience of the human community. We demand the same justice, on same grounds, to the hapless people of Kashmir that is perfectly endorsed by the international community. 

I owe thanks to many individuals, institutions and forums. I will mention only few of them as this report reflects most of the people that are struggling with us hand in hand. First of all, I al thankful to the members of the European Parliament for always endorsing our just demands and taking up pro-active measures such as sending fact finding missions and passing many resolutions against the injustice being committed in IHK. Regarding our annual Kashmir EU week activity, I extend my special thanks to Mr. Sajjad Haider Karim; member of EU parliament. Besides that, I am thankful to numerous senior parliamentarians, scholars, human rights activists, journalists and fellow Kashmiri activist who contributed towards building this annual event as one of the most powerful lobbying initiatives regarding Kashmir. 

I would like to thank each and every citizen of Europe who signed our One-Million Signature Campaign. This initiative is a unique step that needs support from all sections of the society and I must say that our hearts are filled with gratitude when we see the support and affiliation we have been receiving. Though a daunting task, the campaign is moving on continuously towards its destination. And the destiny is the day when Kashmir issue comes on the agenda of the EU parliament. For us, dialogue and debate is the hope for any good that could be demanded or expected. 

I thank our fellow activists as well and I salute the people who have always been our strength and guides. I have no words to sufficiently express my gratitude to Ms. Marjan Lucas. She has dedicated her life for the justice for Kashmiris. I must say that the entire Kashmiri nation shall never forget what she has already done for them. And I thank my fellow comrade Farooq Siddiqui. A hero of the Kashmiri struggle, a senior activist, he is a ready support for us. Still, we have to tread a long path. I must admit that I cannot name all of them who have supported us during our struggle. The only thing I can say to all of them is that we cannot imagine moving an inch without the support of our friends.  

I have no claims to make. I have nothing to glorifying as I see my fellow Kashmiris being suppressed for many generations. The only claim I want to make here is that nothing can diminish the light of hope that is showing us the path of struggle. We shall carry on speaking our hearts. We shall carry on referring to the good conscience of the international community and we shall carry on pointing out the fact that the future is more important than all the negativities of the past. We shall carry on dreaming for a peaceful and prosperous South Asia. 

Ali Raza Syed 

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