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Kashmiris and Sikhs: Victims of oppression

The ICHD organized protest demonstration on 29th of March 2012 in front of the European Parliament. The protest demonstration was organized to emphasize upon the Indian authorities that the state repression shall not be able to silence the voice of the freedom lovers of the world. The demonstration gathered the participants in front of the Indian embassy in which, a number of human rights organizations and peace activists demanded that the Kashmiris should be allowed to exercise their right to self determination under international laws that are well recognized by the state of India. The political organizations of the Sikh community of India, the Sikh Khalsa and Babar Singh Khalsa movement also joined the demonstrators. 

Addressing the participants, the chairperson of ICHD, Ali Raza Syed urged the United Nations to take serious notice of the massive human rights abuses especially extra-judicial killings being committed by the Indian troops in Held Kashmir. “Indian forces are involved in massive human rights violations and it is our duty to inform the world community about the violations”, he said. He welcomed the visit of the UN Special Rappoteur, Christof Heys on the fact finding mission to India. He urged that the UN representative should meet people from every walk of life including aggrieved families, students, women, youth, labor, journalists, thinkers and artists. He pointed out towards the fact that the socio-political and economic life in Kashmir had been crippled. He said that the presence of the representatives of the Sikh movements proved that Indian government was trying to put the facts under the carpet. “Indian state is an imperialist state that is suppressing the will of people through force, which is not acceptable to any human rights activist”, he said.     

The demonstration was supported by a number of the members of the European Union. The participants raised slogans to condemn the atrocities committed by the Indian forces. One participant said that the Indian military forces were involved in the most horrible anti-human activities in Jammu and Kashmir. Another participant said that Indian state was using established black laws to protect their military personals that were perpetrating horrible atrocities including murders and rape, as the tool of suppression. He urged the UN to pressurize the Indian government to repeal the black laws. 

While talking to the sizeable media representatives, Ali Raza Syed urged European Union to send fact finding mission to India without any delay and play an affective role for peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue.   

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