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Beneulux Resolution

The delegates to the seminar, “Kashmir: The Key to Peace in Afghanistan”, hosted by federal Belgian parliament, Brussels and jointly organised by ICHD and IKV/Inter-church Peace Council adopted the Beneulux resolution, which is as follows:

•    Peace in Afghanistan leads via Kashmir because the sustainable peace in the South Asian region is impossible to achieve without resolving the Kashmir conflict. The Indian meddling in Afghanistan and huge defence spending cannot fully allow Pakistan to cooperate with free mind, in eliminating the terrorists of the region. Without satisfying Pakistan about Indian intentions, through straight and genuine politics of human rights and peace according to the UN resolutions, the South Asia shall remain a potential threat to international peace and security

•    The justice is always the precursor for lasting peace but ongoing grave human rights violations of the Kashmiri people, by Indian forces supported by legal instruments such as POTA and PSA, the Kashmir conflict continues to be region’s flashpoint. The London conference while deliberating on peace in Afghanistan, should not forget the illegal arrests, forced disappearances, torture, humiliation, illegal detention, killings and rape of the innocent people of Kashmir

•    The Kashmir dispute cannot be resolved without granting Kashmiris their right to self determination as granted by UN resolution 38 in 1948

•    Without central involvement and consent of the Kashmiri people, no proposed solution, local, regional and international, can be successful. The conflict resolution and peace building needs ownership by the victimised and aggrieved people, at first place

•    There is an undeniable between Kashmir conflict and water disputes between India and Pakistan. The Indus Water Treaty must be revisited to ensure that the basic source of life; water is fairly distributed amongst the stake holders. 


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