International Council for Human Development

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International Council for Human Development (ICHD) 

The International Council for Human Development (ICHD) is a platform of committed peace activists, human rights workers, intellectuals, students and general masses. The organisation focuses on the issues related to peace and development in South Asia especially in the perspective of Kashmir conflict. A not-for-profit organisation, the ICHD is run by the volunteer donations from its members. Founded in 2005, the ICHD focussed on awareness building and advocacy especially regarding the grave human rights violations in the Indian Held Kashmir. 


•    To contribute towards human development of the Kashmiris especially in health and education sectors
•    To contribute towards great struggle of Kashmiri people for achieving their right to life, dignity, freedom,       civil liberties and human development
•   To aware European states, institutions, forums, media, educational institutions, and general masses to seek their support for the end of human rights violations in IHK
•  To promote and intensify the demands of international human rights organisations, UN resolutions, conventions and protocols and EU resolutions on Kashmir  
•   To bring European Kashmiri youth close to the mainstream society through learning, cooperation and integration
•    To facilitate independent research institutions, think-tanks and individual researchers through building a Information Resource Centre on Kashmir 


Freedom, as prerequisite to a dignified individual and collective life 
Peace, as a pre-condition for human development 
Rights, as the basis of the human equality and natural growth 
Development, as a guarantor of the human cooperation 
Equality, as the foundation of mutual respect 

Education, as the harbinger of intellect, wisdom and prosperity 


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