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Briefing to AJK President, Raja Zulqurnain Khan

The chairperson ICHD, Ali Raza Syed met Azad Kashmir President, Raja Zulqurnain Khan at Kashmir House Islamabad on 8th of April 2011. Ali Raza Syed briefed the president about the activities of the ICHD in Europe. He presented a report as well to the president.

President AJK appreciated the services of ICHD for highlighting Kashmir issue at European levels. Especially, he appreciated One-Million Signature Campaign launched in Europe. He also insisted on unity among the forces struggling for Kashmir issue abroad. He said that the unity was the most pressing need of time and that the positive forces should be united and well coordinated to raise the issue of Jammu and Kashmir at the international level. 

Ali Raza Syed briefed him of the ICHD efforts to launch a large scale struggle to set up a grand alliance at international level on Kashmir issue. He said that they wanted a united and effective voice for Kashmiris. Briefing about the activities of ICHD, he said the Council was trying to bridge the cultural and social gaps of the Kashmiri Diaspora while bringing the Kashmiri community closer to the mainstream European society and its highly spiritual and humanist values of justice, peace, freedom, democracy, human equality, gender equality and interfaith harmony. He explained the efforts of the council in raising the Kashmir issue at different forums through meetings, seminars, conferences at the different places including EU parliament and assemblies of the different countries including federal legislative body of Belgium.

“The Council started lobbying with the European Parliamentarians on the gross human rights violations unearthed by the reports of the leading international human rights organizations and parliamentary groups visiting Indian Occupied Kashmir”, he further said.
Giving detail about current movement, Ali Raza Syed said that recent campaign of ICHD for collection of ‘One Million Signatures’ from European citizens attracted large numbers of the people in Belgium, Holland and France. He said ICHD shall take the campaign in every country and big city of Europe. 

Stay connected,Stay committed

The International Council for Human Development (ICHD) addressed the media, on 4th of April 2011, and vowed its continued commitment to the cause of the independent Kashmir. The chairperson, Ali Raza Syed addressed the press conference, in Brussels, along with renowned human rights activist, Marjan Lucas who has spend several years in research and activism on the issue of Kashmir. 

Ali Raza Syed said that his organization was committed to continue exposing the crimes of the brutal Indian forces in Indian held Kashmir. He said 13 million Kashmiri Diaspora of the world was not ready to allow anybody to suppress or malign the lawful and peaceful freedom movement of Kashmir. 

Marjan Lucas said that international community should not let the Kashmiris suffer anymore. Responding to the arrest and later release of Dr.Ghulam Nabi Fai, Ali Raza that the just cause of Kashmir was above the personalities and all people that struggle for the just cause of Kashmir shall continue receiving our support. He expressed his concerns over the mysterious silence of international community about the issue of Kashmir unlike the issues of South Sudan, Eastern Tamur and Kosovo. He declared that the One Million Signature Campaign shall continue to achieve its goals because it was based on the real facts and support from the human rights organizations and international forums of the world.

He demanded that the India should demilitarize the Kashmir, immediately release all the political prisoners, punish all the security personals involve in human rights abuses and remove all the black laws from their statutory books.

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