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‘Biggest Democracy?’ Ali Raza Syed condemns the beating and detaining of Kashmiri students for eating beef


Kashmir Council EU Chairman Ali Raza Syed has condemned the beating and detention today of four Kashmiri students at Mewar University in India. The four male students were attacked by a group of locals, because they had allegedly consumed beef the evening before.

Responding to the news, Ali Raza Syed said:

‘What is happening now in India is the result of the policies of Mohdi’s government, and his strong ties to the Siv Shena party. Since Mohdi came to power, we have seen a rise in violent behaviour from extremists who are encouraged by him and the BJP.


They are killing people for eating beef, beating students who support a cricket team other than India, and jailing anyone who dares to speak with an independent voice. Dalits, Christians, Muslims, and Sikhs are all being targeted for their beliefs, because the Siv Shena party want to create a pure Hindu state, where there is no place for other communities, minorities, or other religions.


India cannot continue claiming to be the world’s biggest democracy on the world stage while they carry out these practices at home. The increasing number of atrocities like these should open the international community’s eyes to the real face of the so-called biggest democracy.’


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