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Briefing to Norwegian politicians

A meeting between Norwegian parliamentarian, Ms. Rannvei Kvifte Andresen and chairperson ICHD, Ali Raza Syed was held in Oslo on Februrary 23, 2010. She assured the ICHD leader that the issue of unnamed graves in Indian Held Kashmir shall be brought in the notice of the Norwegian parliamentary committee on Foreign Affairs. An acting member of the joint committee, she said that it was a just cause to be discussed in the committee.  

The meeting took place at the parliament house here on Monday and Ali Raza Syed presented a comprehensive report on the unknown mass graves in IHK. The 110 pages report was prepared by Dutch Peace Organisation, IPC (www.ikvpaxchristi.nl) in last three years.
He said, Kashmir is long standing dispute and UN resolutions on the conflict are yet to be implemented. He said the massive atrocities against the innocent people in the IHK were going on and India was avoiding talking about Kashmir with other countries. He expressed his disappointment on the silence of the international community on the Kashmir conflict.
The Norwegian Parliamentarian said, She understands the situation of Human rights in IHK and assured that the issue of unnamed mass graves in IHK to be brought in the notice of other members of the committee, so they could discussed the issue during their upcoming session next month.

Ali Raza Syed said, about 10,000 people are disappeared in IHK and most of them are seemingly killed by the Indian forces.  He said, we started the movement to raise the issue before the different nations of world. The noted Kashmir figure said, solution of Kashmir issue is essential for the peace in region and even peace could not be restored in Afghanistan with out solution of Kashmir problem.

The lady parliamentarian said, that Norway had important role to play for the peace in different regions. She believed that Kashmir was the key issue in the region of South Asia. She informed that Kashmir Group of all parties in the parliament had also been reconstituted under the chairmanship of Mr.Knut, the former central cabinet minister. 

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