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The grand international alliance of Kashmiri activists

The International Council for Human Development (ICHD) announced in a press conference a campaign for bringing all the major Kashmiri forums and organisations to one platform for a joint struggle for the same cause. The chairperson of ICHD, Ali Raza Syed said this in a press conference organised in Islamabad on 14th of March 2011. 
He said, though a number of groups and organisations were working on the issue of Kashmir at EU and other foreign countries but a collective effort was needed to make their voice more valuable and impactful. He said that there was a need to adopt joint strategy as well. He emphasized upon the international community not to ignore the Kashmir issue. He said that the world bodies should take the action on Kashmir as they had taken actions in East Taimoor, Kosovo and South Sudan. 
He identified the lack of coordination between myriad Kashmiri leadership as the main reason behind the weakness of their efforts. He said that the leadership of both AJK and IHK should adopt a joint strategy for their joint struggle. He said that the Kashmiri leadership could not afford the internal disunity since Kashmiris around the world were crying for justice. They were wailing, pleading, protesting, demonstrating, sacrificing their lives to achieve the minimum standard of a collective life as human being.
He introduced International Council for Human Development and Kashmir Council-EU as well. He said that it was a platform of the Kashmiri Diaspora that was struggling to promote the awareness, in the European societies, states and institutions, about the plight of Kashmiri people and their rights as recommended, advocated and demanded by the United Nations, European Union and other international forums, think-tanks and leading international human rights organizations. 
“The Council is a network of active professionals, businessmen/women, human rights activists, women, students, children and workers. The Council bridges the cultural and social gaps of the Kashmiri Diaspora while bringing the Kashmiri community close to the mainstream European society and its highly spiritual and humanist values of justice, peace, freedom, democracy, gender equality and Interfaith harmony”, Said Ali Raza. 
He said that the Kashmir Council EU had raised the Kashmir issue at the different forums through meetings, seminars, conferences at the different forums including EU parliament and assemblies of the different countries. The Council started lobbying with the European Parliamentarians on the gross human rights violations unearthed by the reports of the leading international human rights organizations and parliamentary groups visiting Indian Occupied Kashmir. Introducing recent Campaign of Kashmir Council EU for collection of ‘One Million Signatures’ from Europeans, he said that a large number of people in Belgium, Holland and France had signed the appeal. 
Chairman Kashmir Council EU said that the just solution of Kashmir issue was equally important for India and Pakistan. Further, he said that any dialogue between India and Pakistan should be based on seeking the solution of the central issue of Kashmir. He said that no dialogue could be productive without the solution of Kashmir issue.

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