International Council for Human Development

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What we do

The ICHD organised seminars, dialogues, briefings, exhibitions, campaigns, peaceful demonstrations and rallies to highlight the plight of the Kashmiris facing sever punishment by the 700,000 strong forces (for a population of 5 million).

The ICHD advocated for their right to self determination as the corner stone of peace in South Asia. The ICHD tries to bridge the cultural and social gap existing amongst South Asian expatriate communities of Europe. We strive to bring expatriate communities, especially Kashmiris and South Asian, close to the mainstream European societies while emphasizing upon western humanist values of justice, peace, freedom and democracy. The ICHD is instrumental in bringing the issue of mass graves in IHK to the surface in European masses, civil society and intelligentsia.    

A peaceful, prosperous and civilised South Asia through resolution of Kashmir conflict according to the will of the people

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