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The Culture of Kashmir: Future Prospects

An important conference and an exhibition would be organized at Brussels Parliament on Tuesday, 26th of January, 2016 in order to highlight the Kashmir cause through peaceful means.
The Kashmir Cultural Day program titling, “The Culture of Kashmir: Future Prospects” to be hosted by Member of Brussels Parliament Dr Zahoor Ellahi Manzoor and would be organized by International Council for Human Development (ICHD) and Kashmir Council EU.


The welcoming address by Dr Zahoor Ellahi Manzoor would be an official opening of the exhibition which would be followed by a lunch with specialties from the reign.

Along with the exhibition, a conference would also be held with participation of MPs, MEPs, Scholars, Journalists and members of civil Society who will discuss Kashmiri Culture and its future prospects.

Organizer of the event, Ali Raza Syed who is Chairman of International Council for Human Development (ICHD) and Kashmir Council EU said, main objective of the event is to highlight the Kashmir issue through cultural and peaceful means. The Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) is witness of severe violations of human rights. Indian authorities deny the basic rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the people of the region are suffering from state terrorism for a long time.

People want to have right of self-determination and settlement of issue according the desire of the people is extremely crucial for peace and prosperity in the region.

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