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Briefing at Norwegian Parliament

While addressing a seminar at Norwegian parliament on 9th February 2012, the chairperson of ICHD, Ali Raza Syed explained the plight of the Kashmiri people in the face of huge army deployment equipped with heavy armament and protected by various black laws. He said that they had a positive hope especially in the capacity of the Kashmiri people to relentlessly struggle for their rights. He said that his organisation and fellow comrades believed in the good sense of the major powers of the South Asia and international community that they would prefer justice and peace over war between two nuclear armed rivals. He said that it was a worrisome fact for every peace loving person that South Asia is increasingly being seen as nuclear flashpoint and a hub of the extremism. 

The event was organised jointly by Kashmir-European Alliance and the member of Norwegian parliament, Peter Skovhold Gitmark. Pakistan Ambassador to Norway, Ishtiaq H.Andrabi, Peter Skovholt Gitmark (MP), President Kashmir EU Alliance Pervez Ahmad, Chief Coordinator Ch.Mukhtar Ahmad and deputy speaker of Norwegian Parliament Akhtar Chaudhry also spoke on the occasion. Mr. Peter Gitmark said that Norwegians will try to help the people of Kashmir. He proposed to send a fact finding Mission to Indian Held Kashmir about unnamed mass graves, in particular, and Human rights situation, in general. 

Ali Raza Syed added that the collective human conscience of the peace loving nations like Norway had always been the great strength of their struggle for justice and peace. He said that the Kashmiri peace activists were always grateful to all the nations, individuals, institutions, organizations and forums that have consistently condemned the human rights abuses in Kashmir and have supported our call for the right to self determination. “I can clearly see that the commitment of this nation has enriched the peace movements of the entire world. I know that you shall always stand with us for our positive struggles”, he further said.
He said, “We have great hope to see that European Union is swiftly letting Indians to integrate in the different areas of cooperation. We wish them very best of it while saying that your persistent support for Kashmiris at all the prestigious forums of European Union should never go waste. Rather, it will succeed in giving light of hope to the other parts of the world. Let us believe that our collective struggle shall free South Asia from bigotry, hatred, suppression, torture and despotism. Let us believe that our children shall see a secure and dignified future, sooner rather than later”. 
Comparing natural beauty of Europe especially Norway with Kashmir, he said, “I cannot resist comparing the natural beauty of this part of the world with my region; Kashmir, which is called the paradise on earth. Unfortunately, the comparison ends here. We proudly see the prosperity, dignity, sense of security and a healthy relationship of citizens with their states and governments in Europe. We proudly see that kids are going to schools with dreams in their eyes and trust in their hearts. We proudly see that the institutions do provide maximum opportunity to an individual to grow and realize his or her potential. And we wish that this could happen to our unfortunate region as well. At the moment, for last seven decades, Kashmiris are living a life squarely opposite to this. Needless to say, however, we are not hopeless. In fact, this is the hope that is carrying us forward and giving us the strength to bear the hardships and insults imposed upon us. And this is the hope that enables us to carry on our struggle in Kashmir or in the other parts of the world”. 
Ali Raza Syed highlighted the efforts of ICHD while saying that it was committed to promote the cause of achieving an honourable life for the Kashmiris. He said they strongly believed in pronouncing their faith in collective human conscience and that the little steps towards enhancing the awareness about the plight of the Kashmiri nation lied at the base of their struggle for right to self determination. 

Emphasizing upon the positive approach to the issue, he said that they demanded the right to self determination for Kashmiris but that was not directed towards denouncing or damaging  the great people and great civilization of India. Yet, they denounced the high handedness of Indian state and its oppressive institutions. He denounced the fact that more than seven hundred thousands army men were breathing on the necks of the defenceless people. “We denounce the fact that our generations are growing under the fear and depression with no hope for a bright future. We denounce the fact that our great nation does not enjoy the right to choice, the right to assemble, the right to develop and above all, the right to life. We denounce the fact that we find thousands of dead bodies in the mass graves killed by the Indian forces. We denounce the fact that torture and rape has become a daily routine. We do all this in a positive hope for justice and peace. We believe that while doing this, the Indian state is doing a great injustice to the people and civilisation of India itself. We know that no nation can really grow out of guilt while committing such horrendous crimes towards humanity”, said Ali Raza Syed. 

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